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Keep the Warm Air In

Our products not only exceed the requirements of energy-efficiency codes, but are catered to the specific needs of your Colorado home. Energy costs are continually rising. Don’t lose money because of poorly-rated, inefficient windows and doors. You could even earn Energy Efficiency Tax Credits by replacing your windows and doors! Veteran Windows and Doors knows how to help you get those credits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know it’s time to replace my windows and doors?

If you notice leaking, poor operation, high energy bills or if you want to boost curb appeal and market value then it’s a good time to look at replacement window options. Fogging windows, excessive UV degradation (melting, brittle blinds or fading of furniture and floor) and excessive heat loss in the colder weather are clear signs it is time to replace.

What facts should I know when buying new windows and doors?

One of the most important facts is there are energy efficiency codes in place to protect you as a homeowner to ensure you are receiving a quality energy efficient product.

Your salesperson should be able to provide you with the energy performance rating for each window or door, if they can’t provide clear values that is a sign their product may not meet energy codes or Energy Star requirements and the value is not there in the product.

How are windows and doors rated for energy efficiency?

U Factor – Measures how well a product can keep heat from escaping from inside the room. The lower the number the better a product is at keeping heat in.

Solar heat gain coeffieient – Measures how well a product can resist unwanted heat gain, which is especially important during summer cooling season. The lower the number the less is spent on cooling.

Visible transmittance – Measures how well a product is designed to effectively light your home with daylight, potentially saving you money on artificial lighting. The higher the number, the more natural light is let in.

Air leakage – Measures how much air will enter a room through a product. The lower the number, the less air infiltration.

What is the Energy Star program and why is it important?

The Energy Star program was launched in May 2011 by DOE and EPA to identify and advance highly efficient products in the marketplace. It’s goal is to increase market awareness and promote innovation in these products. This program identifies the most efficient products among those that qualify for Energy Star for certain product categories on an annual basis. Additional information about the Energy Star Most Efficient Program can be found on the EPA website.

With so many companies claiming to be the best, how do I know which one to use?

We believe there are three main factors that determine the value of any window or door company:

1. Energy Efficiency – is the product rated for my location and Energy Star Certified?
2. Engineering – is it designed to last in Colorado’s extremes and will there ever be a seal failure?
3. Installation – do you properly prepare the opening with flashing, shims, insulation, etc. or do you use subcontractors that focus on volume vs. quality of work?

At Veteran Windows and Doors, we recommend homeowners get multiple bids, compare “apples to apples” and make sure the product choice and cost vs value is the right fit for your home.

What brands of windows do you sell and why?

At Veteran Windows and Doors we offer only high quality energy efficient windows and doors.

We have proudly partnered with Provia who are known as industry leaders in Entry door and replacement window systems. We also off a range of Marvin window and entry doors systems for customers who are looking for a fiberglass or wood clad product.

What type of warranty is available with the windows and doors you offer?

Provia offers a lifetime transferable warranty, for more information visit

Marvin offers a limited lifetime warranty, for more information on the warranties on Marvin product please visit

What can I expect during the installation process?

The installation crew will begin with a pre-construction meeting with the homeowner.

Once complete, the crew will set floor runners and protective coverings throughout the home and at each workstation. Depending on type of installation the crew will carefully remove the existing product and will prepare the opening for the new product. Installation is always to manufacturer specification to ensure a lifetime of coverage. The job site is cleaned, and all work-related debris removed for recycling or disposal. A final post-installation walk through is completed with the homeowner and you will be instructed on care and maintenance and operation of your new windows and doors. Every Veteran Windows and Doors customer receives their own web page that remains open and stores all contract information, warranty information, photos, and serves as 24/7 communications should you ever require assistance.

Energy Efficiency Glossary of Terms

There are many terms that you might have heard from other window and door companies. Without context or understanding of the terminology, it could be difficult to know what to look for in an energy-efficient window or door.


U-Factor measures the insulating value. Lower numbers reflect better insulating value, with values generally ranging from 0.25 to 1.25. We can help you know what U-factor is certified for your area.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

SHGC represents the amount of heat from the sun that passes through the glass. SHGC is noticeable by feeling the warm carpet where the sun is shining through a door or window. Lower numbers indicate glass is keeping heat from entering your home, with SHGC measured on a scale of 0 to 1. We can help you know what SHGC is certified for your area.

Visible Transmittance

Visible Transmittance represents the amount of daylight (or visible light) that passes through the glass. A high number allows more light to pass through the glass than a low number. Most homeowners prefer as much visible light as possible. The lower the number, the darker the interior. The visible transmittance is measured on a scale of 0 to 1.

Air Infiltration

Air Infiltration, or Leakage, measures how much outside air comes into a home or building through a door or window. Air leakage rates typically fall into a range between 0.1 and 0.5. The lower the air leakage, the better the product is at keeping air from entering or escaping.

Condensation Resistance

Condensation Resistance is the amount of moisture it takes for glass to condensate when exposed to extreme interior and exterior temperature changes. Higher numbers indicate better resistance to condensation. The condensation resistance is rated on a scale of 0 to 100.


The ENERGY STAR certified logo means you are buying a product that meets or exceeds the ENERGY STAR requirements in saving energy by promoting energy-efficient products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Meng Koh 3 months ago
Dave and his team are incredible. We initially got a quote from Dave last year for an exterior door replacement, but didn't have the funds to do the project. We were so impressed with his professionalism and no-pressure approach, that after saving a bit, we reached back out. The ordering process was smooth, the installation crew was very professional, and the results are beautiful.
Levi and Denise a month ago
We had a new front door & storm door installed, so amazing we could just cry! Should have done it a long time ago! Dave is the most wonderful guy to deal with and Chris & Renaldo did miracles installing the new doors. We couldn't be more grateful to them all!
Jose Lozano 2 years ago
World Class service all around! Dave, Todd & team were all amazing! We replaced over 30 windows in our 1922 home, they were able to match the trim color perfectly! The noise from the busy street has dramatically been reduced. We couldn’t recommend their service ENOUGH! A true pleasure to work with! Thank you guys so much for your help!!
Jeremy Rife a year ago
Dave and his team were top notch. We struggled to find anyone to replace the front door in our house built in 1890. They’d take one look at the door and refuse the job until we called Veteran Windows and Doors. Dave and Todd came by to evaluate the and weren’t scared off by the project. On the day of install, they showed up on time and got the job done quickly given how unusual the door frame was. They were polite, courteous, and left the space cleaner than when they found it. Highly recommend them!
Elizabeth Ackerman 6 months ago
From start to finish we’ve had a great experience with this company. The owner came out to bid on our windows and encouraged us to get multiple bids. He explained his windows and associated values, offering a reasonably priced product with EnergyStar ratings. The installers completed the job in the proposed timeframe and acted professionally and competently during installation. Our house is already warmer with our new EnergyStar windows, and we honestly couldn’t be happier with this company. They didn’t even ask for a review.